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MEET us as part of our ROADSHOW
September 26th Rotterdam 

The Premier Secure Infrastructure Event Comes to Europe in 2023

TECIS 2023 is the perfect venue for all IT professionals to see first-hand how they can enhance their enterprise’s networks to create the services their customers need.

TECIS Community is your one-stop-shop to access the latest thinking, tools and accelerate your business’s development. Start now - and join us at our roadshow stop in Rotterdam. 

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Slot 1

04:00 - 05:00 PM

State of Security Infrastructure in Logistics and Port Industry.


In cooperation with Europort exhibition.

Raymond Siliakus

(Director Europort | Manager Exhibitions at Rotterdam Ahoy)

Rotterdam Architecture

Slot 2

05:00 - 05:45 PM

TECIS Europe 2023 – creating a global Network of security infrastructure experts. Learn how different industries facing the new challenges and how TECIS Expo can support this changes.

Carsten Szameitat

(Chairman TECIS Europe)

Digital Security System

Slot 3

05:45 - 07:00 PM

Create the most powerful password in the world and network with security experts in a breathtaking atmosphere.

Free Drinks and Networking



(Chairman TECIS Europe)